Snapshots from the weekend 4.17.10

We went to St. Louis this weekend and enjoyed some great family time.  There was something for everyone crammed into a little over 24 hours.

We started off at the St. Louis Mills Mall and went go-karting.  Miles obviously has been doing too much Wii driving because he went screaming past us all!! It’s a little scary to consider he’ll be able to get a driver’s permit soon.

Next up for Emily, there was ice skating. Not only did she want to skate, her wish was for us all to do it with her. 

She’s quite good and we are not so good. Richard initially wobbled on the ice and said, “Why did I agree to this?”  But once he got the hang of it he was zipping around fairly easily.  Miles decided ice skating just wasn’t for him after one nice splat on the ice. (I can’t blame him really.)  I tried to be as graceful as possible, but obviously I wasn’t the picture of grace the whole time. 🙂  They loved that they caught me on flapping! (I did not, however, fall down. I think this photo is pretty funny and if you can’t laugh at yourself, well then, that’s no fun at all.)

After skating, I got to squeeze in a trip to an Archiver’s. Surprisingly, I didn’t do too much damage. I stocked up on my favorite Thickers I can’t get at home and a new Slice card. I made a new friend too!! I love meeting scrapbookers! We are the nicest bunch of people aren’t we?

After getting checked into the hotel, we had dinner at the Triumph Grill.  What a fun place!  There is a motorcycle museum in the restaurant and the food was really good too.   The lighting over our table was super cool.

Sunday was spent at the Missouri Botanical Gardens. It was an absolutely gorgeous day.  We really couldn’t have special ordered better weather and it was the perfect time of year to see tulips in all their glory.  Not surprising that I took over 120 photos and would have taken many more if my camera battery had not died. Here are just a few of my favorites.

It was truly a great family weekend. I’ve got a sweet story to tell tomorrow.

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  • Lisa Dickinson
    April 20, 2010 at 3:42 pm

    gorgeous shots – looks like a totally fun weekend!

  • Debbi
    April 23, 2010 at 2:29 pm

    I'm from MO and St. Louis has a lot of things to do. Nice weekend getaway. Love your pics.


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