Trail House Reno


Week 1: I believe

I’m a big dreamer. An eternal optimist. A believer in the power of redemption.

I believe challenges most often can turn into opportunities and provide a chance for a new adventure.

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Week 2: Demo Day & Video Tour

Welcome to my real life Fixer Upper! When I said the Trail House was a big job, I wasn’t kidding.
My time has been split between the two houses; one is super-clean, neat and tidy (because it is on the market) and the other is now a complete disaster.

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Week 3: Reframing the front facade


This week’s work focused on Dryvit removal and framing on the outside.
On the inside, I layout a plan for the renovation, giving details on how we opened up spaces
and created better flow in the house.
Plus there’s one spot to find refuge at The Trail House, come check it out.

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Week 4: Tedious and Slow

The Dryvit removal continues. The house is taking shape on the inside with drywall up.
The process of painting each room starts.
The mock up of the new front elevation is revealed. A southern inspired brick home.

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Week 5: New Doors and the Stone Yard

The outside is almost completely wrapped after Dryvit removal.
New doors and framing for the window on the new front facade.
And I share plans for all that stone!

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Week 6: Sneak peeks and a little water

New hardwoods installed in master bedroom and repairs were made to the walls that had been removed.

Work in the kitchen continues with just a little mishap.

Sneak peeks into new finishes and plans.

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Week 7: Feeling like the glass is half empty

The home inspector shows up and gives bad news.

More delays and then, thankfully, my cup is filled.

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Week 8 & 9: Whirlwind and the Calm


Inspector returns and gives his verdict.
A rush of activity occurs before everyone has to evacuate for the floors to be refinished.
The quiet and the calm, but small projects continue.

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Week 10: Moving Along


More than just cubes of brick moving in this week.
I share thoughts on the realities of moving into a full-on renovation! We were so grateful that we had done our research by looking at Van Hire Quotes From Compare The Man & Van way in advance of the move. This made the entire move so much more seamless than we ever could have imagined!

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Week 11: Bricked


One of the happiest days in our renovation journey was to return home from a trip to Louisiana and find our house nearly completely bricked.

I also give a sneak peek into the completly overhauled powder room.

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Week 12 & 13: Reno Life

The masonry work is completed and the pile of debris is finally hauled off. The budget kitchen renovation is underway and more rooms are finally coming together.

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Last Update: Where the story goes from here…


Reasons why this is the last of the series of weekly updates. Links to kitchen reveal and rooms upstairs.

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While this format is going away, our renovation story is still unfolding…

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