Beach photos continued

As mentioned before we headed straight to the beach after landing in Orange County.  After the ride in the surrey, and waking around on the pier, we went to the water and I attempted to snap a few portrait type shots under the pier. (I’ve always admired these kinds of shots.)  It was really still too early in the afternoon and the light was harsh.  Eyes are too squinty in most. These are all still SOOC. (Straight out of the Camera) I know I will still treasure these photos regardless of the less than stellar results.

 With Miles, he was a little less relaxed. Bless his heart, he was still uncomfortable with ear pressure from the flight.

 I had them stand together and they looked stiff and posed.  I like this one though.

I had Miles snap a photo of Richard and I. Then a random big wave came crashing up, hitting that pole of the pier and soaked us!

This next shot is a prime example of what I deal with in photographing my family. They are a bunch of smarta**es.  lol   We were leaving the pier and I said, “Why don’t you all line up under the pier sign?” This is what they did….

Never a dull moment. 😉

I’ll be back for more soon.  The sun is shinning and the trail is calling me for a run, and oh, how I’ve missed it.

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  • Swimtaxi
    June 20, 2011 at 11:55 pm

    LOL on that last photo. Love the one with you and Richard and one of those photos of Emily reminded me of you in high school.

  • Gina Lideros
    June 25, 2011 at 7:05 pm

    gorgeous photos Leslie. We will be heading to the beach to take photos soon.


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