Ebony and Ivory

All this week we are dog-sitting my friend and neighbor’s goldendoodle, Sophie. It’s been such fun!  She is so adorable, but quite the opposite of Tucker in so many ways besides the obvious, the hair color and texture.

Tucker is completely and utterly, food motivated. Sophie is all about play.  She greets you with toy in mouth every single time we come home from running errands.  She shadows any movement in the house. If someone’s doing something or going somewhere she’s there, but if all is quiet, she’s right by my side.  Tucker, will come and visit you, but may or may not stay. He prefers his favorite resting spots: the sofa and our bed. (Gasp…. I know. He’s so spoiled.)

She drinks her water very prissy like from the edge of her big bowl, and he slops it all over the floor.  He gobbles his food the moment it’s put in front of him and she snacks for a while, a little here, a little there.

He’s thick and muscular (like a football player) and has mellowed and she’s kind of thin, smaller boned and still has a bit of puppy in her.

Besides the eating and drinking, Tucker has a kind of “air” about him.  I think it’s the way he lays down, very proper, like lion-like. When he’s happy, he wags his tail above his back, it reminds me of the big plumes you see on fancy uniforms soldiers in England wear.  She is kind of goofy, but very relaxed in her movements and she’s got this tail with a cute little curl on the end. She wags it side to side and it becomes this weapon when she’s happy. lol

They’ve been having lots of fun too! Walks and a swim yesterday afternoon.  Thankfully when they play out side, he loves the Frisbee and she likes everything else. 😉

In between swim team practices and playing with the dogs, I’ve had some time for scrapbooking!  I really felt I needed to delve more into my April Studio Calico kit.  I’ve had these photos in my “to scrapbook” photo album for quite a while.  I thought the bright colors of the kit, aptly named, Joyland worked perfectly.

I hadn’t noticed until I was nearly finished with the layout, that Emily is holding her very first and highly treasured baby doll while she rode on the horse.  So sweet. And that little boy, I could gobble him up!!

Next on my scrapbooking agenda, is to complete my Week in a Life project. I’ve got all my parts now.  My digital photo layouts are in from Scrapbook Pictures, (love them!)  I found the perfect album at Target and purchased page protectors, so it’s time to bring it all together. 🙂

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  • Lauren
    June 10, 2010 at 2:06 pm

    What a beautiful layout!<br /><br />And I think you should turn this post into a page called Ebony and Ivory. List out the differences!<br /><br />Having owned dogs myself, I understand just how different they can be! Ah, the spice of life!

  • Lauren
    June 10, 2010 at 4:33 pm

    Adorable pictures and I love your layout! The colors are so fresh and sun! Have a wonderful day!

  • Michelle LaPoint Rydell
    June 10, 2010 at 4:44 pm

    Your layout is gorgeous! I especially love how you used a strip of the green/blue diecut paper as a trim towards the bottom. And I must say those two dog photos at the top are Priceless!!!! What beautiful beings and your description of them would be so perfect for a layout!


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