Loving summer and spring photos

Sorry I’ve been so absent here at the blog.  Just enjoying life without the pressure of writing in the blog. It’s been a beautiful start to a relaxing summer, but I’ve keeping busy with projects around the house.  Not to worry, I’ve been photographing everything, so when I get back in the mood to do lots of gabbing here I’ll share! 🙂

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Okay, now that I actually got myself here typing in front of the computer I kind of feel like I want to share a series of photos with you.  One of the things I’ve been doing besides blogging is really staying committed to my running and exercise routine.  And the good news is, it is paying off! 🙂

This spring I made an effort to take photos of the trail I love so much.  I’ll go ahead and share a few of the photos from my phone.  (Taking photos is a good excuse to take a little breather too.) 😉

My faithful running partner, Tucker. He’s so sweet.

This tree below, on the left, had the most beautiful flowers.  This bridge smelled wonderful each time we crossed it this spring.

 Here is a close up of the flowers and look at the size of those leaves!

There are many reasons I love the trail, the shade in the heat and the wind protection in the winter, but watching the splendor of the change of seasons is something I never take for granted. 

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