Menu Plan Monday & Weekly Recap

Welcome to Monday.  Looking forward to some great things happening this week!

Here’s a look at this week’s menu.

Monday: BBQ Chicken Pizza

Looking for a delicious way to use leftover BBQ Chicken? Toss some chopped chicken on a pizza crust with bbq sauce and top with colby-jack cheese! So good.

 I’m trying a new pizza crust recipe from Gluten Free Baking by Michael McCamley.

I made the brownies from the cookbook this weekend and they were pretty darn good. I have an idea to make them just a bit more chocolatey, but very solid, tasty gluten free recipe everyone devoured.

Tuesday: Leftovers

Wednesday: Chicken Chili

Thursday: Jamabalya Risotto

I’ve made this once before based upon this recipe. I thought it was good, if not a little bland, going to give it that cajun pizazz it was missing and will report back next week!

Friday: Leftovers

Saturday: Chickpea and Chicken Red Curry Soup

I don’t have this recipe photographed yet either, but it is fantastic!

Sunday: Chicken Burrito Bowls

This is a new recipe I’m trying from No. 2 Pencil. Looks like a nice and easy one dish meal.

Weekly Recap and Update

On a very personal note, the most important thing for us is happening on Tuesday. Emily, our teenage daughter,  is getting another nerve block for her chronic headaches/migraines. The headaches returned a few weeks ago and has left her miserable.  After trying a round of medications, we wasted no time finding a doctor who could perform the same procedure that helped her six months ago.  (I shared about her long battle with post-concussive headaches here. ) We would appreciate your prayers for her doctor and the success of this procedure and ultimately her complete healing.  I don’t like to be overly personal on my blog, but this has been a struggle for her and as parents it is so hard to see her suffer.

Last week, I finished the kitchen chairs makeover.  Well, actually they aren’t quite done yet.

I’ve decided that they do indeed need some cording on the bottom cushion, but overall I’m super happy.  I’ll have some tips on reupholstering chairs to share soon.

At the end of last week and the weekend we enjoyed having my father and stepmom here for a visit. We took a drive down to Auburn to see the LSU game and while we had a good time, I’m happy us girls left after the tailgate and before the shameful loss.

The rest of the time we just enjoyed the visit playing dominos and taking in a few sights around town.  Good times all around.

This week is the big backyard overhaul! Richard is taking this week off and our plan is to expose the stone on the back elevation of the yard that is just loosely covered with dirt and poorly growing grass.

To capture the water run-off that will come swiftly down the hill once the rock is exposed we are going to build a dry creek bed surrounded by plantings. Big job for sure.

Hopefully, while I’m not covered in dirt I’ll get back here to share more about the chairs and get to that island post I’ve been promising.

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