One little word…focus

I wish I would have gotten up and typed up my post the night I decided on my word.  I had such a great stream of ideas going that is now lost. (But I was trying to focus on my task and didn’t want to be destracted, which is a lot of of what this word choice means to me.)

Anyway, I picked the word focus, not because I’m ADD or anything, but because I find myself losing my focus a lot.  Little daily distractions cause me to lose the focus of what I had intended to accomplish or had hoped my day would be like. I want to be intentionally, focused on my family, our health and the little everyday wonders of life.

By the same token, I don’t want to be so focused on one thing that I loose the big picture.  I need to  find a balance.

Kind of like when you like at this photo above, the depth of field is pretty shallow, so only my hands are really in focus, which is fine, if that is the goal.   Sometimes the whole photo, or the “big picture” needs to be in focus and other times it’s more a matter of perspective and artistic expression. I think it’s a fairly effective metaphor for the purpose of my word. (And by the way, I had the hardest time getting the focus right in this photo. I normally focus with my left eye so keeping it open for the photo was extremely hard.)

Maybe when my train of thought comes back into focus, I’ll have more to say on my one little word. 🙂

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