Resurfacing, Greetings from Birmingham

Greetings from our new home in Birmingham.

After a whirlwind of movers, driving over 600 miles, laying vinyl floors, painting kitchen cabinets doors and unpacking, I can take a moment to sit and breathe. I must admit that as I finally sit at my desk, listening to the rain, I feel like I need a nap!

I had hoped to post an update sooner, but I literally didn’t even get my computer hooked up until two days ago.

Here are scenes from our last week.

Tucker was perfectly fine with all the packing and commotion until they wrapped “his” sofa up in blue blankets and carried it off to the truck.  Then, he got a little nervous and seem to grasp the finality of the whole situation.

Packing and loading took longer than anticipated because the moving company only sent two guys. (They were fantastic movers, but usually we have more than two come at least on the pack day.)

Once the truck was finally loaded Friday evening, we drove to somewhere in Illinois to spend the night.  The next afternoon we made it to Birmingham, got our whits about us and began laying vinyl flooring in the basement.  Yes, we are indeed crazy folks! My friend who is a bit crazy was also laying her vinyl flooring and decided to look into an independent calculator to better understand her financial options if she decided to do more work to her home.

I’ll write a detailed post about it soon, but will tell you it was fairly easy to do and we were able to get the majority of it done before the moving truck arrived Sunday afternoon.  We still need to lay cut pieces around the perimeter of a few walls and add the shoe molding.

Then there were many days the house looked a lot like this.

Do you love my new open shelving?

Actually, all the cabinet doors were in the garage getting spray painted.  Here’s the before of most of them spread out in the garage.

It might be hard to tell, but the color had a very yellow tone and a glaze, that in all honesty, just made the cabinets look dirty.  Not to mention after 10 years of wear and tear, they truly needed to be refinished.

Now, with the exception of my studio, every room has been unpacked with only a few random boxes around.  We’ve made several trips to Salvation Army to donate items we should have gotten rid of before the move or don’t fit in this kitchen.  (The footprint doesn’t seem significantly different, but the lack of an island and the storage I had there is probably what I’m missing.)

The best part of this week has been that we have already had two sets of out of town visitors! Our neighbors were driving through Birmingham on their way back to Missouri and stopped for lunch on Saturday.

Yesterday, my cousin and her two boys spent the night at our house.  We took them to a local state park for a hike in pursuit of a waterfall.

I couldn’t have asked for a better escape from all the projects around the house and relished the opportunity to sit and visit with my cousin and her boys that evening.

We also absolutely loved having the company and I’m sure their impending arrivals kept me motivated to have the house look it’s best, despite kitchen renovations.

I’ll give a full post on the painting of the cabinets, but I certainly wouldn’t recommend a job like that during a move.  I pushed myself to either be unpacking or spray painting and I’m very thankful they are both almost complete.

Stay tuned!  There are many other home improvement projects in the works.  Too many probably, but  I’m sure as you can image, sometimes renovations have quite a snowball effect. 😉

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