Swimming and soccer and lots of blurry photos

That’s what my days feel like they are filled with, soccer and swimming. Well, that and driving to and from, to and from, each practice and game/event.  So far all I have to show for these past few weekends are lots of blurry photos. :{

Swim meets for Miles are obviously indoors now and generally fairly low light settings. And given that the stands for high school meets are pretty far from the pool, it’s basically a no-win situation for me and my current camera lens.

Emily had a double header this weekend and so I had two chances to capture soccer action photos.  I wish I would have reviewed what I had taken after the first game. Then I would have realized I was totally using the wrong settings.  I like this photo, despite the blurred action, because she’s grinning and she totally looks like she’s having fun!  (In so many of the photos she’s very serious, very focused and her face shows it.)

I really could just do a complete head slap on myself. Clearly I had enough light.  Why I was shooting at an ISO of 100 is beyond me!

I recently finished my October projects for GCD Studios and I love them both.  Can’t wait to share them.  Look for one around the 24th and the other will be in the GCD Newsletter and I’ll provide a link when it’s available.

I’m currently reading Chi Running.  So glad I ordered this book about a week ago, because clearly I need to improve my form.  On Friday’s run, I pulled something around my Achille’s tendon. It’s nearly pain free now so I know it must have just been muscle.  I’ll wait until Wednesday to give it a go again.

Tuesday is my bible study day for the next 6 weeks or so. Enjoying it so.  In the afternoon, I hope to get some work done in my studio!


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