weekend recap

Friday night was pretty quiet night at home. Frozen pizza night, which got no complaints at all because our local famous pizza joint sells their pizzas in the grocery store. (Yes, they are that good.)  Miles was at the tail end of his cold so he just chilled on the sofa and watched the basketball tournament with Richard.

Saturday was Emily’s last basketball game.  It was a good win and a really great season.  I took lots of blurry photos of Emily. 🙂  I did get some outstanding shots of her team mates.  I must have moved under a light or something because they were really sharp and bright. Not like this one. 🙁

After basketball we were busy getting the house ready for some really fun guests.  Our church was hosting the Johnson’s Bible College Tour Choir.  We offered to open our home to two of the members. It was great to get to meet them and  share lively conversation with such nice young men.  They were both friendly, funny guys with so much talent and love for the Lord.

For dinner, I made my specialty, spaghetti and meatballs, which turned out especially good, along with bread, salad and green beans.  For dessert I made a chocolate silk pie posted recently at Annie Eats.  The pie was an absolute hit!! 

In his parting words Sunday morning, Max said, “I’ll always remember that pie!”  lol I think that means it was good.

Unfortunately, Sunday morning I realized I was under the grips of the cold Miles had last week. Not fun.  After church, I went back to bed and pretty much walked around in a fog all day missing the gorgeous weather outside entirely.

Today, I’m still foggy and drinking lots of hot tea to combat the post nasal drip.  I have to venture out soon and take a photo of the leaf buds I saw this morning. Very happy to see more signs of spring. 🙂

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  • Swimtaxi
    March 24, 2011 at 12:26 am

    I hope you and Miles are feeling better by now.


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