15 years later…

This little bundle of joy entered our lives 15 years ago this weekend.

We love to tell the story of how the nurses had to beat on his back to get him to cry after he was born. (He was breech so I had a c-section.  The nurses wanted him to cry to get the fluid off his lungs.)  He was just always so content, sweet and just a joy to be around.

His sweet little smiles never really changed. 

I miss the sillies that entertained us through his childhood…

Now, as a teenager, he just cracks his jokes and quips and chuckles quietly. We’re still laughing, but oh how things have changed. He is still a joy to be around in a much more mature and quiet way.

Time goes by way too fast.  We are keenly aware that the time we have left with him in the house is dwindling rapidly. 

Thank you for 15 wonderful years, Miles!! We love you dearly and are so proud of you.

Hopefully, I’ll be back tomorrow with updates with what’s been going on around here.  Got a project due tomorrow so need to get to it!

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  • Rbarakat
    May 31, 2010 at 5:02 am

    Great post! I know what you mean with my oldest graduating from HS I just can't believe how quickly time flies!


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