The worst part…

The worst part of keeping  a blog is when you let too much time lapse between posts.  You don’t know what to say, what to leave out and what someone might be interested in hearing about the time you’ve been absent. And the longer you let it go, the harder gets.

So I’ll just throw a few things that have changed since a week ago.

1. The house is decidedly noisier.  No, not because the kids are out of school, that happens this Friday.  It is noisier because of Miles’ birthday present, an electric guitar and amp.  And oh, how he’s loving it.  I’ve told family members his “cool factor” went up exponentially after his birthday. 🙂

2. I can say I’ve biked to Cooper’s Landing, a little dive along the Missouri River.  My friend Nancy organized a group of us women to brave the trail, chatting, enjoying beverages and snacking along the way. I packed my now famous homemade hummus and crackers.Yum!

3. Richard is starting a new position at work and will be traveling, a lot.  So happy he has this week off. I keep reminding myself that the kids are big and we can handle it. And we have really great, and really noisy, neighbors, so we’ll be fine.

4. Went to the pool this weekend. Braved the first wearing of the swimsuit of the season.  Not feeling swimsuit ready by any means, but it’s been done, so now I can mentally move on. 😉

5. I finally broke my 6 mile barrier today.  Ran 7.6 miles!  I realize now I was crashing because I needed to refuel.  Going to go buy me some of my own Gu Energy. It made a huge difference after I “drank” some at the 4 mile mark.

6. No scrapbooking to share, but that should change soon, like tomorrow. I’ve been kind of in a lull mojo wise and too busy with end of school year stuff.

7. Unfortunately, my poppies are all gone.  They were so very pretty while they lasted.

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