ah, the first day…

Thanks to Miles’ early morning swim team practice for the last week and a half, the rising early this morning was a piece of cake.

Before Miles left to catch the bus, I went over a little list of things he might have forgotten.  Indeed he had forgotten Gatorade for swim team practice this afternoon.  (It’s so good to feel useful as a mother at this age.  At least I’m good for reminders. )

Had him pose for a few photos before he started off on his way to the bus stop. I totally can’t believe we have a freshman in our house!!

Emily was up and pretty much ready by the time Miles left. We made her lunch, one she had planned the menu for sometime last week. 🙂  We packed a whole wheat wrap with peanut butter and chopped apples (the recipe also called for granola, but being the busy mom I have been, I didn’t get to make any last night).  She also packed celery sticks and Goldfish. Sounds like a healthy lunch to me!

By the time we were ready to go the sun was shinning very brightly, so I had her sit in the one patch of shade still left in the front of the house.  Check out those bags!  She’s might proud of her Pottery Barn Teen backpack and lunch box.  (One of which she bought with her own money.)

This is the first year, since we moved here ,that I have committed to driving Emily to school every day.  Richard drove Miles to middle school in the mornings for 2 years because it was on his way to work.  Since Richard is unable to drive Emily to middle school this year, I told her I would take her.

Needless to say, Tucker did not want to be left at home, so he got to ride to school too. He’s certainly going to miss catching the bus each morning. He loved that part of the school day routine.

Now, I must totally admit how much I have enjoyed the stillness of being alone in an empty house this morning. I didn’t know I missed it. 😉 It’s not like they are little and are very needy at this age, but it’s been quite nice.  I’m totally banking on having more time to get some work done, scrapbook and go to lunch with a friend and most definitely get back into regular posting here on my blog!

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