Breaks are good.

Okay, I’ll admit it. There was definitely part of me that was not looking forward to spring break.  We weren’t going anywhere and really didn’t have plans, but it turned out wonderful really.  I didn’t intend to take a break from the blog either, but other than making it hard to get back into the groove, it was good to take a step back from it and just enjoy the break, being with the family.

Emily and I spent a fabulous day Tuesday having lunch at a new Mediterranean restaurant, window shopping and walking around downtown. Such a good time just us girls. She’s growing up so fast and I love that we can really just “hang out” together and enjoy each others company. She even indulged me with posing for a few photos in different locations downtown. Loving these. And you will indeed see them soon on a layout, unfortunatly I  can’t share just yet. (Look for it at the end of the week.) 🙂

On Thursday, we rode our bikes on the trail all the way to downtown for lunch at a local sandwich shop.  It was a lovely, sunny and warm day. 

It was great to just be outside and back on the trail.  The trail doesn’t have a tree canopy yet, so Miles and I got a bit of a sun burn.

Richard took the day off Friday and we drove down to the Lake to go hiking at a state park there. I don’t know what it is about these trails at a state park being so hard to find? We have the worst luck I guess.  Once we finally found the trail I had read about and had my heart set on it was a good 2.5 mile hike.

We walked along a bluff above the river and passed a small family Civil War graveyard, dating back to the 1800’s.  Emily being the novice rock hound spent most of the hike looking for cool rocks. (I must admit I spent a lot of the hike looking for rocks as well.)

But the thing that will probably be most memorable about the hike, was the boys being boys. As Emily and I were collecting rocks the boys were trying to hit trees with rocks. (I know this probably isn’t acceptable state park behavior, but other than a few people on horse back we saw no one on the trail at all.)

Nearing the end of the hike Richard spotted this tree with a branch that had fallen off and created a hole.  And seeing a challenge, they then spent a good 15 minutes trying to get a rock into the hole of the tree. Miles finally hit the bulls eye and the rock went in!!

And even with this fun distraction, I know God was watching out for us, because just as we walked to the car, the skies open up with a torrential downpour.

This Easter Sunday was probably the prettiest day we’ve had on Easter in the (almost) 3 years we’ve been here. After church and lunch, we had our annual Easter Egg Hunt for the kids on our street in the empty lot next to our house. It was such a good day.

My first assignment to find GCD Studios projects was up at the GCD Studios Facebook page yesterday.  It was a layout featuring GCD embellishments used in a unique way by the wonderful Emily Pitts. Check it out here. I can’t wait to share what I’ve been up to. 🙂

Thank you for subscribing to Paper Daisy Designs. Please continue reading on the blog. I appreciate having you as a reader.

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