Enjoying the “Spring” in Spring Break

I snapped these photos today as part of Pioneer Woman’s Photography challenge. Green is the subject matter.  This is the little bit of green I could find in the backyard. (My dafodills are looking really nice in the front, so if the color was yellow, I could have that covered better.)

 Isn’t this little guy just the cutest. Not sure what the heck it ism but I liked it. Moss?

Lots of drama in the Davis household over the weekend.  Emily pouted and moped about because Miles was going to the Great Wolf Lodge with a friend for two days.  She did everything in her power to try and persuade us we needed to go too.  After offering up several alternatives closer to home, we finally came up with the idea to go on a trail ride. The cloud of doom lifted and we were good.

The plan was to go to the trail on Monday and have a picnic after I ran and she biked for several miles. And then on Tuesday we would drive about 45 minutes from here and ride horses.  Well, we were able to go to the trail yesterday and it was so refreshing to be back on the trail, running with the dog and having my girl tootling along in front of me.  Today however isn’t going to involve horseback riding.  The place we wanted to ride and all the other places in the area aren’t open yet. It’s too early in the season. 🙁

Thankfully, she has been okay with plan B, which is to go shop around downtown and have lunch.  (We do have a lovely downtown that is a vibrant and happening place because it neighbors the university.)

Later in the afternoon, we started our seeds for the garden.  Beans, zucchini, cuccumbers, basil, fennel, roma tomatoes and Velvet Queen sunflowers planted in tiny little rows in the a tray.  I also cleaned out the back beds and got them looking better.  Will need to add some compost and have Richard expand the side bed for me because the area I used last year didn’t have enough sun for the beans to grow properly. (that and the swarm of grasshoppers loved them)

Here’s a little creativity from the weekend.  This was for the Studio Calico Challenge last week: Use 3 or more stamps.

Not sure I’m loving it.  Maybe it’s the orange background.  I went with orange because it is a direct compliment to blue (from the sky). 
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