Bringing it together

I finished up the photography part of the week in the life yesterday.  While I’m pretty happy with what I got, I wish I have taken more photos. Saturday is really slim.  I will have to dig around for some ephemera to go on that page.

I decided to create a hybrid album using Cathy Zielske’s templates found at Designer Digitals.  And while these templates are meant to be used for monthly layouts, I went with these because it was on sale and I liked the varying sizes of photos. (Sales are always good, right?)

I’ve put together a few days and I am really happy how it’s coming out.   I considered just creating my own layouts, but working with a template is so much faster. At this point, faster is better if I want to actually finish this year. Did I mention, I took photos and never did the album last year?  My intention is to go back and make an album for last year too. I would like figure out how I can create my own templates for that one, maybe.

Here are Monday’s digital parts with out paper embellishments.

 Here are a few more of my favorite photos from the week.

This one was taken for Mother’s Day presents for our mom’s.

Miles enjoying the spring weather.

I wanted a family shot for an opening page.  They were happy I didn’t make them change clothes, brush their hair, etc.  I just said, “Let’s go outside and take a photo just the way you are.”

Those of you who have done this project, know how mindful you have to be with what you are doing and photographing it.  I would recommend downloading your photos every nite to get a feel for what you got.  I used 3 different cameras, my Rebel, my point and shoot and my iPhone, so it was hard to remember what I had taken and where. 

To some degree, I think it would be easier with little kids who are less inhibited by mom taking photographs in odd places.  Because of this, I’ll have to focus more on my journaling I guess, which is my least favorite part of the whole process.  In my case though, I think it’s imparative to the story I want to tell of our lives right now.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for my post for GCD Studios.  It’s my technique post and I’m really happy with it and hope you’ll like it. 🙂

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