Week in the Life update

My family is tolerating my week in the life photography. That is probably the best way to put it.  I wish I was taking more photos, but there’s only so many I want to take of me and the dog. 🙂  But I think I’m getting enough to represent us and our life.

Yesterday, after my run, my friend Nancy and I went for what will probably be our last girls day out shopping trip since the end of school is fast approaching. She humored me with some Hipstamatic iPhone photos too.  It was a good break and we always seem to have fun shopping together.  Although, our tastes are a little too similar. We often come home with the same things and then have to coordinate when we wear what we bought. 🙂

 Lunch looked as good as tasted, so a photo was in order for that too!

I finished this layout yesterday.  He truly is our sunshine boy and still is for the most part. But oh how I miss this little boy.

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