Camp, planting, holiday and birthday

Emily and I had a great week at camp. Well, except for the first night, which was really tough. Emily and I couldn’t get to sleep hours after lights out.  The snoring in our dorm was loud and downright unbearable for white noise loving girls like us.  Emily was so uncomfortable she decided that crawling into my twin bunk was better than being in hers! Um, not so much.  We were totally exhausted on Monday, but we made some changes to our sleeping arrangements that night and we were good for the rest of the week.

It was a week filled with great messages, lots of joyful worship, making new friends, and of course, fun and games. I know we both enjoyed being unplugged and growing in our faith.

The weekend was spent working on our backyard project. We are adding a bed and stones around the pergola.  It’s going to look great, I’m sure, but it’s been a slow and muddy mess. Hoping our new trees won’t go into too much of a shock. Here’s a peek at the progress.

We spent the day of the Fourth working in the yard. Well, all of us except Emily, who was at our friend’s lake learning to water ski!

That night we cleaned up and had a barbeque with friends. Then we watched the city’s fireworks from a nearby neighborhood and then shot off a few back at our friend’s house.

A neighbor a street over had gone all out and we argued that we could have just stayed home and watched their fireworks!

The fifth was my birthday and I had a great day.  Got my haircut, a pedicure and went shopping, definitely the makings of a pampered day.  Later that evening I enjoyed a delicious dinner with the family at a local Italian restaurant.  🙂

Now I have mountains, literally mountains, of laundry that need to be folded from the week at camp and my purposely neglecting them over the birthday/holiday.  Birthday’s should never include folding laundry. 😉

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