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I find myself always trying to play catch up with all the things I want to accomplish this season.  The blog being one of them. Each day the thought, “oh, I’ve got to post on my blog today,” rings in my ears.

I still need to share my cousin’s wedding photos.  So indulge me as I share at least a few.  It was a beautiful, very traditional wedding.  They were married in the church where I went to Catholic school for 4th through 6th grade. (I was sitting pretty much behind one of the columns in the church during the ceremony and they look exactly the same as they did back then. lol)

Mallory was beautiful and so was my Aunt Hope.

It was good to see so many of my relatives at the reception.

I wish we could have stayed at the reception longer,  but we needed to cover a lot of miles before the night was over. We pulled into Memphis shortly after midnight. And then Richard woke us up way too early Sunday morning for the rest of the drive home. Needless to say, Emily and I did just a wee bit of growling and grumbling that morning.

Part of feeling very behind is because this year we didn’t put the Christmas tree up until the 1st of December. (We usually put it up the weekend after Thanksgiving, but we were in Louisiana and then Richard was out of town. We certainly couldn’t do it without him.).

I had to share this photo from the tree decorating. Emily wanted me to take this.  She’s so funny.  I told her after about the 15th shot that she really ought to move the ornament further down his paw, so it looked a little more realistic. 😉

I also, so very unwisely, decided this was the year I needed to revamp my Christmas decorating.  This is our 4th Christmas in Missouri and everything was feeling a little stale.  I’m almost done and have most of the after-decorating clean up done too.  I promise I’ll share next time I post.

In between all of the decorating and some graphic design work, I took one evening to finish this page I started at a crop last month.  I just love it.  It is a testament to kit scrapbooking, having coordinated elements at your fingertips is just the best.  All the elements and all but one of the papers came from the Mendocino kit at Studio Calico.  (Very surprised it’s still available.)

I also finished my Christmas cards this weekend.  I’ll be visiting the post office on Monday!!  Yippee!

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