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Fall One Room Challenge Week 3: Shades of Grey, Master the Finishes

For most of this week I worked under the false notion that I was 2 weeks away from reveal day.  Which may not sound like a big deal, but I will be out of town for almost all of next week for my trip to England. If you extrapolate that (faulty) math, I would have had 3 days to finish when I returned!! Therefore, a few days ago I planned out a detailed and grueling schedule to completely finish the room over the next 4 days before I leave!

All I can say is, thank goodness I was wrong!! (You might be wondering how we could have been so mixed up about the reveal date. My husband asked me if the reveal was the first week in November and I said yes, but it’s actually the first FULL week in November, the 8th.)

Despite the extra week I gained about an hour ago, I intend to keep up the pace. Although, I may allow myself to start casually packing sooner rather than later as it was on my shortened schedule.

Interior Finishes: Panel Moulding, Chair Rail and Architrave

As you might have noticed, from these photos that all of the moulding from Metrie has been hung and and painted On the Rocks by Sherwin Williams.

During the process of installing the finishes I captured video to create an in-depth tutorial that I will share at a later date. Remember, I thought I didn’t have time to edit a video.

This is our third room to clad in panel moulding, with the help of generous partnerships with Metrie, so I definitely feel like we have  several helpful tips for streamlining the installation process. Stay tuned here or subscribe to my YouTube channel to be sure not to miss when the video is published.

One of the tricky issues I had to remedy this week was how to handle the bedroom door.

As you can see from above, the rest of the house has the standard 6 panel doors while the bathroom doors are all paneled to match the moulding. With all of the angles and 4 doors, I used the design of the panel moulding to make the doors recede. You can see the full reveal of our Opulent Master Bathroom here. 

Of course, because the goal of this challenge was to create a cohesiveness between the two rooms  I wanted the entire bedroom to mimic all of the finishes.

It would have been easy to fall down a slippery slope of where to stop the panel doors.

The best solution I could come up with was to panel the inside of the door to match the room and leave the side that faced out to the living room the same. To do so, I attached a sheet of luan to the back of the door and then paneled it as I had done on the slab doors in the bathroom.

As far as the other updates of note, the side table I scoured the internet for arrived.  This was definitely the style of table I wanted but I had hoped to find it in a gold finish. The only ones large enough to hold the lamp I want to use here were well out of my budget. I purchased this table with the intention of painting the base gold once it arrived. The top is a nice, black marble.

However, my advisory team (my best friend and my daughter) and I have decided the table is too tall for the chairs.

I will not be returning the table though. I still love it and will use it in the living room. I actually had been casually looking for a new table in there anyway. Counting it as a happy accident.

All of the other elements for the room will be arriving at the end of the week. The shades from Payless Decor and the bedding from Laura Ashley.

I’ll share more about them next week! I should have enough time now to write an abbreviated update before I leave for the England and the Amara Blog Awards ceremony. I was nominated and shortlisted in Best DIY and Home Improvement Blog.

This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. 

French Empire Chandelier || Similar Bed || Rug || HomePop Chairs || Side Table|| HomePop Bench  || Similar Desk

The Specific Plan & the To-Do List

  1. Install molding from Metrie just as we did in the master bathroom. 
  2. Paint the bed. (I know some of you just gasped as you read this but I debated for a very long time and I have decided this is the best option for me and my sentimental side. Not to mention, I do not want a tufted or upholstered headboard. I tend to be a bit of a design rebel and can’t stand to create a space that is not unique.)
  3. Simplify the other furniture. (I have a few new pieces coming in from HomePop and editing others which will require me to give up a smidge of storage, but I feel like it will be worth it.)
  4. Create symmetry in the room.  This is probably the one feature of the room I struggled with the most.  I finally had a lightbulb moment a few weeks ago and I can’t wait to tell you how I am going to solve this pesky problem!
  5. Reimagine my existing curtains and add shades from Payless Decor. This will help me stay on budget and has the potential to be an interesting DIY.  UPDATE:  I will be purchasing the right curtains, hopefully at the right price since what  I wanted was free!
  6. Paint my existing vanity. I love this little antique. It is perfectly functional and just needs to blend with the rest of the room. (You can see just a hint of it in the before photos.)   I will likely change it up a little after finding that inspirational image!
  7. Recover the vanity chair.
  8. Give the existing lamps a makeover.  They are extremely well made and have a very convenient switch on the base, a feature we love having next to the bed.  The shape of the lamps are nice and I am always reluctant to get rid of something for the sake of having something new.
  9. New bedding is also in order to fit the new color scheme. I am thrilled to share that I have partnered with Laura Ashley Home for a beautiful new quilt set!

I have been extremely fortunate to partner with these amazing companies. I’ll be sure to share more details about each of them in the coming weeks!!!

Laura Ashley Home

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