Fluttering about…

Unfortunately, life has looked more like a pile of swirling leaves being tossed around in the wind instead of the calm and stillness of the leaves in this photo.

I knew just from looking at the calendar this week, life was going to be pretty full.  Appointments, refreshments and another Friday night social gathering at our house and a concert. Last week it was a Homecoming Dinner for Emily’s friends and parents before the dance.

This week it was a pasta party the boys from Miles’ swim team. They packed into the dinning room like sardines,  but they certainly were happy, not so little, fish with very full bellies once the evening was over. 🙂

Don’t get me wrong. I love entertaining.  A house full of people enjoying good food and good conversation makes me happy. What good is it to create a home you love, if you can’t share it with others.

But, it’s obvious from watching our goldendoodle Tucker, we haven’t had enough company recently or at least not in these numbers of people. He was a little wacky.  This is what he looks like when he’s about to bark. Cute, but not so much really.

I was smart this time and tossed him outside with his favorite treat, an empty jar of peanut butter. It was just what he needed to calm his nerves and a full dog is a happy dog.

In between all this action, I was still dealing with a big project fail.  Not at all happy about that, but it happens. So about mid-week I finally decide to set that project aside and moved on.  It was time.  I can marinate on it for a little while and come up with another approach.

Good news… my next sewing/painting project is moving along nicely.  Should have that to share this coming week.

Have a great rest of your weekend! The fall leaves have definitely peaked around here.  Hope to get out and about some after church with my camera and capture some of them before they fade.

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