Full of Gratitude

So much to be thankful for this long weekend.  Lots of good, quality family time. I’m so blessed to have these wonderful people in my life!! Loved having this weekend to watch a movie, play Scrabble and just hang out together.

As I had hoped, the baking and delivery of homemade cinnamon rolls was a big success.  They were so delicious and our neighbors were very happy!!  We can thank Pioneer Woman for a wonderful and pretty easy recipe and Emily for encouraging me to start a new tradition.  Not sure about making them on Thanksgiving Day, but definitely will do it again and give plates away. They were totally worth the work!

We had such a great experience volunteering at the Salvation Army’s Thanksgiving Meal.  We stayed pretty busy doing our assigned tasks.  I was happy to see so many people there to volunteer. I hope it helped the children see how blessed we truly are. They both are such good workers and I think they really learning the value in volunteerism and helping others.

We returned home around 1pm and had a light lunch. Then I got busy preparing our traditional Thanksgiving meal filled with only our absolute favorites.  It all turned out very good except the turkey.  It took longer to cook than I had planned and it was kind of tough. (Looks like Tucker would have been more than happy to take that bird off our hands.)  I think it was that cheap bird’s fault, not mine.  He must have had a tough life. Oh well, live and learn and never blame the cook!

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