Happy Mardi Gras!!

Over the weekend, Richard and I cooked Pastalaya (For the non-Louisianians that’s jambalaya made with pasta instead of rice.)  for about 80 people at our church for a Sr. High youth group fund raiser.

I had been fretting over and planning for this for quite a while. Probably has some thing to do with why I didn’t post much last week.  I wish I could say it came out exactly as I had planned but the crowd loved it and so it was good.  I was happy to do it and would do it again, given what I learned this time. 🙂

Now on to and the real point of this post.  Since it was the weekend before Mardi Gras the hall was mildly decorated in a Mardi Gras theme.  I offered to bring some beads and a few decorations I had.  Before running out the door the day of, I grabbed some glass canisters and filled them with beads I had in the attic.  Once I got home with them I figured I might as well throw together a Mardi Gras mantle.

I think what I love most are the photos of the kids.   Miles in his costume, when he participated in my mother-in-laws krewe and Emily at a first grade parade.   Not sure the palette backdrop for the mantle is working for me, but it had to use it since I have to cover an outlet in order to hang a wreath.

Just before I left the grocery store today, I went looking for a King Cake.  I didn’t see any and was pretty bummed.  Then, I noticed a lady waiting at the bakery counter and realized the baker was icing a King Cake!  We had a nice visit and wished each other Happy Mardi Gras! It was so nice to run into a fellow Louisianian! (Obviously, I could have made a King Cake, but I had already planned a dessert for tonight since we have company.)

And just for grins, here is my Gallery Wall decked out for Valentines day.  (That Gallery wall post gets the most amazing traffic thanks to a linky party at the Inspired Room.)

On a whim, I replaced the “D” that is usually there, with this heart and decided this is a great way to seasonalize our Gallery Wall.  I’ll be doing that more with each holiday!

Happy Mardi Gras y’all!!!

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