Happy New Year!!

So happy you stuck with me through the lean month of December.  My last post was only days before we left for our Christmas ski trip with our family and it seems we have been non-stop since then.

What a wonderful Christmas we had in Utah! Hope yours was lovely as well.

I have to say it was unlike any Christmas we’ve ever had before, but definitely in a good way.  We awoke on Christmas morning to see what Santa stuffed into the children’s ski boots, enjoyed a big breakfast and shortly after that we were all geared up for a day on the slopes! Such good, family fun time!

We all decided, during the planning of this trip, that we would have to get a Christmas tree.  I brought paper and various things to make an old fashioned, handmade tree decorations.  I think it turned out beautiful and everyone really enjoyed the process.  My dear mother-in-law spent, who knows how long, stringing popcorn and cranberries into a garland and was the perfect touch to our homemade tree. (Using the letter stencils came from an old Pottery Barn tree I saw online.  We made it personal by using only the initials of each of us there.)

Here’s a collage of my favorites from the trip.

We really missed visiting with the rest of our Louisiana family and friends.  But we were very thankful to have this opportunity to spend Christmas with Richard’s mom and brother and his family.

Once we returned we had a few days to unpack and get reorganized for my Dad and Felicia to come for the New Year’s weekend. It was great to have them ring in the New Year with us.

We made a huge, southern New Years Day feast, complete with fried turkey, cabbage and black-eyed peas along with other trimmings.  Our tradition of eating cabbage for plenty of money in the coming new year and black-eyed peas for luck, is faithfully fulfilled each year!

My Dad brought all the gear for frying the turkey, but we now know why this is really only popular in the south during the holidays!  Oil can freeze and propane tanks can too!!  We had kept both in the garage when they got to our house and with our single digit weather, it was way too cold.  It all worked out once everything was inside for a couple of hours and the turkey was positively worth the wait!

So, today we all returned our normal routine, ready to face the New Year!!  Happy 2010!!  Hoping to get back to my creative pursuits tomorrow!

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