I recovered…

I did feel better by the end of the day Friday. So much so that on Saturday we went on a bike ride on the trail all the way downtown, had lunch, went to the library and rode home. It was wonderful.

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Sunday was church and a stroll through the Art in the Park. Bought a gorgeous brown and blue handmade piece of pottery- a mug to brighten my morning teas! And a handmade spoon made of cherry. Well, actually it’s not a spoon.It has a square bottom for scrapping the pot and it is beautiful. I plan to use it to stir pots of jambalaya and pastalaya.
Today was swim team and a run around the neighborhood where the pool is. I also made homemade granola! Yum!! It’s all scooped up and in small ziplock bags for the right serving size and for meals on the go for the kids. I also started back on my diet. Hoping the medicine for my thyroid will help make me more successful.

My Studio Calico box came in. Going to open it now and hope my creative mojo returns soon.

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