It falls out of the sky!

I had promised myself when we moved here that I wouldn’t pursue my freelance graphic design business, because just as soon as I get clients, we move. So, I had been saying “work will just have to fall out of the sky.” And of course it did finally. An acquaintance from Emily’s school asked me to do some work for her business. They were really happy, had me work on another project. I quickly remembered why I chose to work graphic design… because it’s fun! I have another client I’m going to start with tomorrow and hopefully the ball will keep rolling. I feel extremely blessed. Not many people can just have work fall out of the sky. Divine intervention, I’m sure. 😉 Of course, it does have me a little worried…just going to take one day at a time and enjoy the ride.

This weekend was so good. We almost always go out for dinner on Friday nights. It’s a family outing we all enjoy. First there’s the debate about where to go. And then just good conversation time. We learned this Friday, that Miles has girls that sit at his lunch table everyday. Who knew? He says they are friends with some other boys that sit at his table, wink, wink. lol Always good when you can get information out of him!! Now Emily, she’s the one who blabs it all the moment she gets home.

It was a beautiful Saturday morning on the soccer field. Well, maybe beautiful is not really the right way to describe it. The weather was cool but sunny, perfect really, but because of all of the rain we’ve had, the field was a muddy mess. Emily had a great game though. Scored once and almost scored another time. Loving this goalie determination! She rocked as goalie!

Saturday afternoon, I had my neighbor take our family portrait. The weather was nice and not too cold. Richard and I were getting dressed up for a dinner party, so I thought we’d take advantage of the timing. I won’t show the best because they will likely be our Christmas card. I was kind of disappointed that the park we picked didn’t have much in the way of fall color yet. Oh well, at least we weren’t freezing like last year. (Being from the south, I think of fall photo time as mid-November, but by then it’s really pretty cold here. Red noses and shaking bodies aren’t great for portraits.) Here’s one I’ll share. Richard said he wanted this one for his office. 🙂

Sunday was busy with church in the morning and then it was our turn to prepare dinner for the Jr. High youth group. I’m pretty certain the beef and bean nachos were a hit. If you ever need to make nachos for 40 people, I’m your girl. I also made Texas Sheet Cake and unfortunately for my diet, there’s a good bit left. I’d love to give it away to my neighbors, but Miles almost begged me not to give it away. I will just have to improve upon my previous feeble attempts at will power.

Today, I awoke to a puny, sad, little girl. She has a fever and a headache, pretty much like Miles had a week ago. I’m hoping it’s just that virus and not the flu. I’m sure I’ll be able to tell by tomorrow.

I’m off to fold a mountain full of laundry. I don’t think a fairy is going to fall out of the sky to fold them. 😉

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