Last Look: Our current home tour

Sorry I’ve been down to only a couple posts a week recently. Between showing the house, keeping it looking exactly like these photos and getting ready for graduation, my attention, obviously has been elsewhere.

I recently re-photographed the house for the real estate listing. I didn’t photograph the house initially because it was just easier to let someone else do it. I know the experienced design work we had done on the house was professional, but, since the market is pretty slow here and the house hasn’t moved, I figured it was time to do something. I never felt right about the photos the realtor took. I like to shoot the rooms with natural light and the realtor photos were lit with the incandescent lights and felt very dark to me.

The good thing about me rephotographing the house, is you get one last peak at our current home. I must admit that I’ve sold a piece or two of furniture and have tried to depersonalize the house while still make it feel decorated. I was baffled recently when one of the realtors commented that our house still had “too many personal belongings.” Whatever, that’s because people live here.

The room to the right as you look in this photo is the dinning room.

Unfortunately, I had to sell the corner hutch, one of my first Chalk Paint makeover pieces. Strangely enough, there just isn’t a corner big enough in the dinning room of the new house.

The living room has “soaring ceilings” which make it a pain to photograph, but let in so much natural light.

We have loved having this space between the living room and kitchen area. It’s been a sitting area, but now it’s been a mini-office. A great place for supervising students doing homework. I also think it would be a great place for a piano.

While it didn’t feel appropriate to call it a “chef’s kitchen” on the listing since the gas cooktop is not super high end, I have felt it is a great kitchen to cook and live in. It’s extremely functional with generous counter space and tons of cabinet storage.

Every time I considered painting these cabinets, I thought to myself, “some people love dark cabinets.” and restrained myself, knowing that a move was likely. I certainly see lots of people get all dreamy over dark wood cabinets on HGTV.

Just off the eat-in kitchen are is a half-bath. It’s the room with the homage to the south.

I’ve not shared many photos of our master bedroom. I think I’ve always considered it a work-in-progress. It is a nice sized master with plenty of room for a reading nook. I recently finished the slipcover for my wingback chair. I need to write about it soon, but I really need to iron it. 😉 I’m thinking of challenging myself more in our new house so I’ll be looking to start projects like making DIY headboards, making some lightshades and maybe even try to make a rug for the master bedroom!

The master bath is spacious with a walk-in shower and jacuzzi bathtub. I will miss having a vanity area.

Upstairs are four bedrooms, one room each for Miles and Emily, a guest bedroom and my studio.

In addition to the master bath photo above, here a few of the realtor photos of those rooms. I did edit them to remove the color cast as best as I could.

Emily has a new design plan for her room in Birmingham. With the exception of the mid-century desk (which was a curbside rescue) and her dresser, not much of this room will look the same in the new house.

Same goes for Miles’s room. The desk and dresser will remain, but the room will get a whole new look. We’ll need to get some new blinds from somewhere like, but once the new room is done, I think it will look 10x better than his current one. He has told our friends that I am redecorating his room so that he will want to come home from college and visit often. 😉 I’m hopeful.

My studio will likely have a few new pieces, but the color scheme will stay the same. I even had my husband paint the room at new house exactly the same color. Tidewater by Sherwin Williams, if you’re wondering.

In addition to the guest bedroom, upstairs is where you will find our media room/family room. I still love this space.

I wonder if you can spot the one thing I’ve changed in this room since last you’ve seen it?

Need a hint? There’s a few less stripes on those curtains. Since the listing says, “all curtains to remain” and I found a place for the striped curtains in the new house, I made these. I dare say they look just as good. You can see the complete budget makeover of the media room reveal here.

There are also two full bathrooms upstairs. While they are styled nicely, perfectly functional and have great closet space, there’s not much excitement going on in those rooms.

One last room to share is the laundry room. I realize now I never shared the little makeover it got a few years ago. The addition of the counter over the washer and dryer and shelving, made it so much more functional.

Quite a few years ago we built the pergola over the patio. And last year we decide to stain it dark and completely makeover the space. You can read about our outdoor room here.

We have thoroughly enjoyed this space. It is so cozy and inviting. I can’t imagine what took us so long to get it together out here.

You can see beyond these trees, just getting their spring leaves, we have a large, level yard. It was a great space for soccer practice!

Well, that’s pretty much the tour. If you live in the area of Columbia, Mo and in the market for a great family home. This is it.

It’s hard to believe we’ll be moving to Birmingham in just a few short weeks.

I hope make a few more posts before the move. I have worked on a few furniture and thrift store makeover projects recently, as well as that slipcover I finished. Many of the projects are pieces for the new house and to reveal them in the wrong settings would not do them justice. So, you’ll just have to wait a couple weeks. You’ll come back, right?

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  • Dana
    May 9, 2014 at 11:24 pm

    What a beautiful home. I would be very content there. Good job!


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