Last Summer Adventure

School started here yesterday. 

It was sad and exciting day. I hate to see summer end and each new school year is a reminder our kids are getting older way too fast!

Our son is a senior and our daughter is a freshman.  Exciting year in store for us I’m sure!

Has school started in your parts?

We figured this weekend was our last chance to eek out our canoe trip. We finally could get everyone’s schedules to align, the flood waters to go down and the sun to shine.

It was a beautiful day of sunshine and perfect temperatures.  One of those made to order kind of days.  Don’t you just love those?

In addition to one canoe, we also rented two kayaks.

The only one who was confident in that decision was my husband, Richard.  The rest of us were worried they’d tip over easily and fill with water.  That didn’t sound like fun to us, but we were quickly won over.

Turns out, we totally loved the kayaks.  If we weren’t so nice to each other, I think we would have fought over who got to use them. 🙂

Next time we are ditching the canoes and going kayaking!! We want to get our own kayak but normal ones are too heavy and awkward to buy so my husband has already started looking for the best inflatable kayak to see if we should buy one!

My only regret is that we didn’t keep going after the first take out.  But the reality was the next morning, bright and early,  Miles had swim team practice and Emily had orientation.

Oh, well. Next time.  And there will be a next time. 🙂

How about you, did you get to squeeze out one more adventure before the end of summer hit?

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