Lunch with the laptop

So today’s objective is to design another brochure for my client.  It’s looking good.  I’m on my lunch break right now. A lunch break I was forced to take. Emily wondered into my studio and asked what she could have for lunch. (Of course, that’s code for, “will you get off that computer and make me some lunch lady?”)  I offered a few suggestions and she was satisfied. Only one problem.  I was in the groove. Things were clicking. It took me another 15 minutes to pry myself away from the computer.  Man, if I was home by myself I would have not eaten lunch until 1:30.  So that’s what’s been missing from my dieting….engaging work!!

I got her lunch prepared and she was happy. By the time my Boca chicken sandwich was ready, she had already returned to her sick cave (the playroom upstairs).  So I sat down and had lunch with the laptop reading the blogs I frequent most days.  It was good.  I thought this would be as good a time as any to do my own blog post.  Now unfortunately, I feel the call of the computer upstairs to finish where I left off…with Chai Tea in hand.

Hoping to hit the trail tomorrow with at least my iPhone. The fall color appears to be peaking.  (I run with my iPhone strapped to my arm and use the Nike+ in the phone. And I’ll say this, it is so cool to take a call while you are running.) 🙂

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