Menu Plan Monday October 14-20th

The weather is slowly getting cooler around here.  Bringing out the chili recipe this week. 🙂 Well, I’m not actually going to share the recipe, but I am making it. Ha! I have been using a lose sketch of a recipe that came from my father-in-law.  So what’s the problem you ask? The recipe has no directions. Just ingredients to make something crazy like 10 gallons.  My version comes out really good, but I  know I’m still missing something in the way he used to make his outstanding Chili.

Here’s what the week looks like.

Monday: Stuffed Zucchini from Menu Musings

Don’t be fooled, the boys aren’t eating this they will be having leftover Italian Trio Pasta

Tuesday: Mexican Pizzas

I’ll share this recipe next week.  Not doing the traditional red enchilada sauce Taco Bell type copy cat. I’ve made it before where the flavors are more like my White Chicken Enchilada casserole.  Here’s a bad photo from the last time I made it, but didn’t write everything down.  😉

I’ll get the recipe all neat and tidy and share next week!

Wednesday: Church Youth Group

Thursday: Chili with Fritos and Fruit Salad

Around here, we can’t have chili without Fritos and cheese.

Friday: Leftovers

Saturday: Roasted Rubbed Chicken

This recipe has been a staple in my house for years.  Can be made in the oven or in a crock pot, either way it’s delicious and very flavorful.

Sunday: BBQ Chicken pizza with leftover chicken

Super easy dinner to make, just add BBQ Sauce to your favorite pizza crust and top with chicken and a mix of Colby jack and Montery jack cheeses.

I did get a chance to update the Mexican Meatball Stew recipe with the gluten free version.  Be sure to check that out! It’s a terrific twist on common ingredients.

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