Right now

Right now I’m sharing these photos because the projects I’m working on this week are not quite done yet.

These photos are actually from my bike ride on Monday.  I was going to go for a ride again today, but it was cold and grey this morning and I was trying to work on said projects. 😉

This is the one thing I totally adore about where we live right now.  I will always miss my friends and family in the south, but if we left here I’d miss this trail more than anything else. I know my heart and soul would just ache. 

When I ride past this area above, I always think of some fantastical woodland creatures; elves, nomes, and the like.  Can’t say I’ve even seen deer here yet, but I have in other parts of the trail.

I don’t run on this part of the trail this is for the bike only territory in my book.  It’s a little too isolated, but somehow moving swiftly through the forest on this part of the trail seems perfectly fine.  And this bridge is the end goal.  Isn’t it just marvelous?

But the reason I actually stopped to take these photographs (with my iPhone and not my real camera) is because I’m scoping out scenic spots for senior portraits of our son Miles.

Yes, he’s a senior this year.

Crazy to think about him leaving the nest in the not so distant future, but I guess it’s true. 

He’s even got a snazzy new sweatshirt from those “class ring people”  to prove it.

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