A quick trip in the name of love…

This weekend I took a quick trip to north Louisiana to visit my dear friend Dana and attend her daughter’s wedding. The wedding was beautiful and was filled with such wonderful little personal touches.  I took the opportunity to “play” photographer and did my best to capture the day.

I’m most proud of capturing this moment, as the real photographer had left the bride’s room to get ready for the wedding.  Too sweet.

The reception offered great lighting around the cake and then some real challenges elsewhere for the flash-hater that I am. 🙂  Here it was fabulous.

On the dance floor, the back lighting was pretty severe.  I eventually found some settings that worked pretty well, when people weren’t moving. (And since it was a dance floor, that didn’t always work so great.)

Most of the time, moving to a new vantage point makes a world of difference, as best illustrated in this photo of my friend Dana, dancing with her son, Ryan.

Definitely a good learning experience.  Don’t see myself “going pro” anytime soon. 😉 But it was fun!

 I also got to spend some time with my sister-in-law and her family who recently got 2 adorable puppies.  There’s nothing quite like puppy kisses! Good quality time with friends and family all around.

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