Room of Hope: Industrial Car Room

Last post, I revealed the Sports/Baseball themed room for the winter edition of the Room of Hope. The deserving recipient, a mother with cardiovascular difficulties, asked what many selfless mother would.  She requested her Rooms of Hope to be given to her special twin boys.

While his twin brother’s room was all about Baseball and sports, see his room here, Aydon’s room focused on his love of cars. 

After being let down by a supplier, Sherry, of Hockman Interior Design, contacted me just days before the reveal in desperate need of a headboard. I felt up to the challenge and made a quick trip to the hardware store with my creative thinking cap on.

I wasn’t sure what I was going to find, but I knew the look we wanted was something kind of industrial, maybe reminiscent of a body shop. It also needed to be budget-friendly and hopefully could be applied directly to the wall.

My daughter Emily and I scoured the store for various options. My first instinct was to head to the sheet metal department where they sell diamond plated metal.  Unfortunately, to get a piece large enough for a full sized bed was a little more than what we had to spend and pretty heavy for a wall application.  I did notice some inexpensive aluminium trim pieces while we were there.

Next, we wondered over to the flooring department and these interlocking anti-fatigue rubber mats used in various industrial settings caught our eye.  We connected two of them together to achieve a full sized bed width and then grabbed the metal trim to finish off the edges.

It was easy to cut the thin metal strips to the desired width and height with heavy duty snips.  I sanded the trimmed pieces so there were no rough or sharp edges.

On the day of the install, Eva, Sherry’s super handy mother-in-law and willing volunteer, came up with the genius idea of adding large washers to secure the mat flat against the cinder block wall. 

If I were installing this in another room I might consider affixing the mats to a thin piece of plywood first. Regardless, this worked perfectly and made a big impact in the room.

Aydon truly loved the room on reveal day.  He was especially excited about the traffic light lamps which blinked red, yellow and green light around the room. 😉

Next time I’ll be back with the room Sherry designed as the ultimate surprise for this sweet mother and the video of all the reveals!

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  • JJH
    February 8, 2014 at 1:40 pm

    Loved both rooms!!!! You did a fantastic job creating a haven for these young boys.


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