runnin’ and illustratin’

A week or so a go I blogged about waiting for my new running shoes to arrive.

I’ve put some miles on them now, actually I did over 6 miles yesterday! Whoo hoo!  And I really like them. I must admit, and I knew this going in, they require a bit of an adjustment period.  I was running mostly fore-footed already, but I found they stress my Achilles just a bit.  Even on this last run, after the first mile, I needed to do some serious stretching to work out the kinks, but the “lugs” on the bottom definitely add the additional cushion I need on my sesamoid-less foot.

There hasn’t been time for scrapbooking yet this month.  I’ve been busy with graphic design work and lovin’ being able to work in Adobe Illustrator again.  I recently invested in new software after years of being without workable versions for my Mac.  My design business is growing again, thankfully, but I had been feeling like was designing with one hand tied behind my back.  To design and draw with complete freedom has been so inspiring to me!!

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