This weekend

This weekend we especially kept our soldiers in our thoughts and prayers. In February of 2008 we visited Arlington Cemetery and the Marine Corp Memorial of Iwo Jima, both had a profound impact on all of us.  I knew very little about the Marine Corp Memorial, other than it’s iconic image. I had no idea it was so huge.  This photo I think captures the towering scale.  We are so proud of our military and are eternally grateful for their sacrifices.

Sunday afternoon, Miles celebrated his birthday with his buddies by playing football on the high school field. It was a beautiful and hot day.  (And we were thankful because on Thursday we had our annual block ice cream social and we were wearing sweatshirts and jackets and had a fire pit going!)

I know they all had fun, even Richard got in the game. He “had” to play since the teams were uneven.

The boys even humored me with a little photo shoot!  It was their idea to get in a pyramid. 😉
Yesterday we worked on projects around the house.  Richard worked on organizing the garage, which was in quite disheveled state given his work schedule over the last year.  I worked in the garage as well on reupholstering a chair for Emily’s room.  I’m about 2/3’s done now and I’m quite happy. I’ll post photos soon.
While I had the sewing machine out, I hemmed up our outdoor curtains. We hung them on the pergola outside. We loved the shade they provided. Our house faces due west so any evening outdoor dinning has always been an unbearable experience. Not any more. The shade and the outdoor room they created while enjoying our BBQ was a welcome treat. 🙂

I just need to find some nice sailor rope or something to keep them tied back when not in use.

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  • Swimtaxi
    June 5, 2011 at 2:13 am

    It looks like Miles had a fun time playing football.<br /><br />And I LOVE those outdoor curtains.


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