timing is everything

Last week I squeezed out 30 minutes from our hectic schedules to get some fall portraits of Miles and Emily.  So glad I did.  If I would have waited, or let them talk me out of it, I’d be taking photos with nearly bare trees and in almost freezing temperatures.  (Has the temperature dropped where you are?)

I started with Emily.  We drove around the corner to my favorite and kind of secret spot in the neighborhood with some great fall color.  The only problem, they’ve now built a house in front of the spot. So technically this spot will be someone’s back yard, definitely a bummer.  It hasn’t sold yet, so I figure it’s still fair game, right?

I think these are the first portraits in a long time, like several years, where she’s given me a smile with teeth.  I’ve gotten loads of nice photos of her smiling with a sweet, little grin.  So very proud of her for giving me a (more real) smile without any prodding.

(I am holding back the very best shots, because I give those to the grandparents for Christmas each year.  I do wish I would have suggested a warmer colored outfit.  Oh, well.)

On his photos, I’m thankful that Miles let me fix his hair. He’s into this comb the hair forward thing that I just don’t like, ugh, teenagers.

But the absolute best was when I had Miles put Emily on his back.  Their true smiles came out and the sincere affection for one another was evident.

Just warms my heart!!  But my personal favorite is this one below.  Emily, who is always giving her brother a hard time, kept trying to give him a little smooch! Too funny!

It’s always a bit of an ordeal to get them to sit for portraits, get the right location, the right light, a relaxed composition, etc. but I’m always thankful for the shots I get no matter how imperfect they are. (And they can’t stand cookie cutter school portraits, so once I remind them that I’m the photographer, they oblige.) These photos are further proof, any photo is worth the effort.  A time captured, remembered and cherished.

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  • A Soldier Girl
    November 5, 2010 at 7:57 pm

    these pictures turned out beautiful .. the leaves here are so pretty and huge .. I have to get the boys out and photograph them .. however good ole England loves RAIN .. LOL so one day hopefully this weekend I can shoot my weirdos .. <br /><br />Happy Friday

  • Jennifer
    November 5, 2010 at 11:46 pm

    cute shots!

  • Swimtaxi
    November 8, 2010 at 12:05 am

    Beautiful photos with both children growing up TOO fast.


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