Scenes from Halloween

We started our Halloween festivities with pumpkin carving.  It’s always quite the family affair.  We each do at least a little bit of carving and scooping.  The kids have definitely taken more of an active roll the older they get.

Emily even carved her cat design completely by herself.  Miles did most of his witch jack-o-lantern but we didn’t have a plan for the mouth when we first started, so I finished it.  For the third pumpkin I wanted a traditional looking face, one like the jack-o-lanterns that floated in the great hall at Hogwarts. (There was an article and photo in the paper recently with unofficial recipes from Hogwarts.)

I did remember to snap a few photos of the jack-o-lanterns when we returned from Trick or Treating.

Emily wanted to be Harry Potter this year for Halloween, which was fine by me since we already had the Gryffindor robe from her Hermione costume last year.  We just need to find a suitable wig and the glasses.

She was quite happy with her costume.  She was even more excited when several sets of teenagers told her she looked really cool and two girls even hugged her because she was Harry Potter! lol

Miles passed out candy in between watching the Saints football game with Richard. 🙂

Monday, we brought most of Emily’s candy to a dentist in town who buys your candy by the pound and then sends it to the troops.  We used the $2 to buy raffle tickets for prizes and help defer the cost of shipping.  It was definitely a win, win deal for us!!

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