Too Cold Tuesday

No school again today.  The roads are just too icy and it’s down right frigid.  (The snow that fell yesterday was not accumulating on the streets, it was just really wet. Add 5 degree temps and now they are iced over.)

I had a busy day ahead of me today with bible study and a meeting, but now I get to stay in my cozy flannel pajamas till noon!

Emily convinced me to drive her to purchase a toy snowboard last night. I so wouldn’t have done it if her birthday wasn’t on Friday.  She’s waiting until the warmest part of the day to try it out. Not too sure it’s going to work. It seems too heavy.  We’ll see.

And just so it’s not a post sans photo, here’s a different angle on our snow people. Once I went inside to start dinner, Emily added the words at the bottom. Sweet!

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