Well, Hello.

This poor blog has been a victim of life around here.  It’s been busy, scary and fun.

Busy? Well, that’s obvious. Everyone is busy these days.  In addition to a good bit of graphic design work, I’ve completed, well about 98% completed, the room makeover I hinted to a while back.  It’s looking smashing. 🙂 It’s functional and we all love it!  I’ll be sharing soon. I promise. Lots of DIY stuff to share.

Scary? Well, that is still an on going deal.  Our daughter, Emily, suffered two concussions while playing soccer.  Because the two events were within 3 weeks of each other she has been dealing with “concussion syndrome“.  The only real treatment for this is cognitive rest. No tv, no cell-phone, no computer, etc.  She has been out of school, as part of her recovery, for nearly 30 days now.  She has tried to go half-days off and on, but the stimulation triggers her headaches.  She is improving, albiet very, very slowly.

Fun? Life is fun. Right?  I have been trying to just enjoy life and it’s been good to back off the blog a bit.  I’ve been missing it and really do want to return and find a balance between living life and blogging.  Redoing that room was so much fun and since Emily has been around a lot, she’s become my co-designer.  That has been a lot of fun.

So, besides all that, where can you find me?  I’m pretty addicted to Pinterest. (See my follow me button in the side bar.) I try and find at least a few minutes each day, mostly in the evenings to explore and find inspiration. I am an inspiration junkie!!

The boards I’m loving the most right now?

The style related ones. I love getting inspirations for outfits.  Because most of the photos are regular people, I think it’s better than a fashion magazine. It’s been good to push myself to try new color combinations and hone in on the styles I like to wear.

I’ve also been doing some hand lettering on chalkboards. (And of course, following those pins on Pinterest.)

Here’s my fall mantle.  I loved doing it.  Brings me back to hand lettering days for Journalism/Advertising classes. I went even bigger for my Christmas mantle. I’ll share that next time. 😉

Well, I guess I’ll end here. Emily just woke up, found me on the computer and said she might pass out because I’m ACTUALLY blogging.  Ha, ha!

Thank you for subscribing to Paper Daisy Designs. Please continue reading on the blog. I appreciate having you as a reader.

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