The funk lifts on Friday

So I haven’t blogged this week because I’ve been in an extremely tired, totally unmotivated funk.  I feel like the fog it’s finally lifting.  Thought it would be pretty lame to post each day…

“I’m tired.”

This morning, after a wonderful cup of Caramel Chocolate Chai Enchantment tea, straight from the Celestial Seasoning factory (thanks Felicia!), I was feeling better.  Then I did some yoga and really started to feel more like the happy human I usually am. 🙂

It snowed all day today. The kids got out of school early and I had fresh baked chocolate chip cookies waiting.  Lucky kids!

Fresh falling snow is a beautiful sight, if you try not to think about the black soot that will be all over your car for the next week. I went outside and took a few shots, then my camera battery died and I can’t seem to find my extra.  I think I lost it on vacation.

Later this afternoon, I finally finished this layout that has been on my studio table since last weekend.  You’d think it was some complex page to take that long, but in addition to my funk, I’ve been kind of busy with commitments to various projects.  To make matters even worse it’s actually based upon a sketch from Donna Jannuzzi at Ella Publishing.  So, I didn’t have to give a great deal of thought to the placement of photos. I just followed the sketch. Crazy!! By the way, it’s not crooked IRL it’s just the way I had to “stitch” it together.

Anyway, so happy to have yet another Christmas layout complete and I’ve already cleaned my table to create something new! Yippee!

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  • lisa truesdell
    February 6, 2010 at 4:13 am

    beautiful page – i love all of the photos.<br /><br />love the snow pics – there&#39;s something magical about fresh snow. esp if you can stay inside and don&#39;t have anywhere to go!

  • Michele Brooks
    February 6, 2010 at 10:40 pm

    Love the snow pics! Great 2 pager as well! Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Stay warm!


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