I survived and then I caved..

So, I survived the first cleanse day. Pretty hungry and I had to have some food by last night, so I had a salad when the family was eating steak for dinner! Talk about torture. 🙂 Today, which should have been another cleanse day, I went back to the shakes. I know I can’t do two cleanse days in a row. (Oh, and if you were wondering, this particular cleanse does not make you go to the bathroom.) I was so excited to drink my shake this morning. Afterwards, had another really good run on the trail, sans bug ingestion! Here’s where the cave comes in. I’m currently drinking a diet pepsi. Hadn’t had one in 3 days and I really wanted one. I was hoping it would taste bad and I wouldn’t really want it, but that is not the case. It is wonderful!!! I am going to try and cut it out of my daily routine. I usually just have one a day, but I think even that is bad. If what I read is true, that the carbonation blocks absorption of calcium for 24 hours, then even if you just have one a day then you are probably in the same cycle if you had several. My goal will be once a week. We’ll see.

In my time of not eating yesterday, I did some creating. Gotta do something to take your mind off of food. Right? I did this for a Studio Calico challenge. Use stars, staples a journaling spot and red in honor of back to school. I thought I’d do a back to school page from this year! Loving working on recent stuff!!

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