September- Come on fall!!

Fall is not coming as quickly as we’d like around here.  Emily’s school is over 100 years old and doesn’t have air conditioning.  On the days the temperatures go over 90 degrees, they have an early dismissal at 11:30.  So, she had figured in the first 15 days of school she has had 7 heat days!

We jokingly call her our little “preschooler”. 🙂

If you check out this month’s Back to School issue of Paper Cuts, you’ll see her in a fun layout from the first day of Junior High on page 20!

Also, this month at the GCD Studios we are doing an ABC’s of crafting techniques! My layout is featured in the magazine, but be sure to check back for the letter “V” when my complete “how to” will be featured. 🙂

I know I keep promising I’ll be back to more regular posting to the blog soon, but as a friend of mine pointed out, it will turn cold again and my time “tinkering” in the garage will come to an end.  Not to worry, I’m still taking photos of all my projects.  I really am working on a biggie!  A whole room makeover!! Thanks for stopping by!

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