Target Agate Coasters Up-cycle

Today, I’m sharing a little crafty project.  This is an easy up-cycle of the Target Threshold Glass Agate coasters, creating more realistic version with a touch of gold!

I have on other occasions crushed over the Target Threshold line.  I love the way the brand approaches the decorative items.  From a variety of price points, they can offer what’s hip and hot in interiors.

Of course I would take note at the end cap with a collection of Agate inspired accessories.  I showed much restraint until recently when I noticed this coaster set with that familiar orange clearance tag. I had wanted some coasters for a while after my friend told me I could Save 30% on all custom coasters. She ordered some custom coasters and it’s safe to say that she loves them!

I appreciated the transparent quality of the glass coasters, but thought with just a little manipulation they could look much more realistic. I also didn’t like they way the looked on a dark surface, kind of flat and lost their oomph!

I was also hoping to make them a little less green to coordinate better with my home. And of course a touch of gold never hurt.

I started by doing some research on what real agate looks like and chose a blue variety that I thought would work with my other accessories in the room.

In the photos of the real deal, I noticed the sparkly light grey, almost white centers. So that’s where I started with my transformation.

Other than the coasters, this is what you will need to make your own.

Start by removing the 3 rubber pads from the back of each coaster.  I removed the residue with Goo Gone, but I’m not sure it’s necessary.

Then, I began by painting the inside of the back of the coaster with Metallic Champagne craft paint, a pearl color would also work.

Next, I painted the outside of the coasters a light blue craft paint.  After both were dry, I repainted the whole backside with the blue color.  I found the metallic paint left it still a little more transparent than I wanted.

The last step was to use Rub n Buff in Gold Leaf along the edges of the coasters with my finger.  I wanted a little of the edge to show on the top for added depth.

I found Gorilla Glue worked best to get the rubber pads back on. E6000 did not work.  Remember that Gorilla glue works with moisture, so I just wiped each pad on a damp paper towel before placing it to the glue I applied to the coaster.

I just love the way they turned out!

And here’s how they look on a wooden side table.  I plan to use a few on each table in the living room.

I love when the practical collides with the beautiful for less than $10.

Thank you Target Threshold!

P.S. Target obviously has no idea who I am, other than the regular employees who recognize my familiar face in workout clothes.

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  • Emily Handler
    October 24, 2014 at 7:09 am

    These are lovely! I especially like how they look next to the lamp – nice work!


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