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In the wishful thinking world I live in, today’s post would have been all about my recovered ottoman.  I had big plans this weekend to knock this project out because it was going to be warmer, definitely comfortable enough to be out working in the garage.  But instead, I will give some important tips, really to remind myself next time, on what to do before you plan a “big project weekend”.

I’ve felt for a while now, that in addition to slip-covering the sofa, which I plan to get to soon, really, I needed to recover the ottoman.  I love the lines, and the style but I’m so over this rusty red color.   It was fine with the other rug we had in here, but I’m attempting to make everything lighter and brighter without re-painting our two story living room.

Here’s the before mug shot with a tray I picked up at my local Salvation Army.  Got plans for that sweet thing as well!

So, in my mind, this weekend was it. I had mustered enough courage, watched enough diamond tufting tutorials, and felt confident I could tackle this project.  And much to my dismay things didn’t go as planned. If I had  actually done some real planning I could be sharing the new ottoman with you today.  So included in these tips are reasons why the job didn’t get done.

Tips for a productive weekend project.

1.  Have the best tools possible for the job at hand.

The last time I reupholstered a peice of furniture I remember thinking I’ll have to get this tool before my next project.

Did I get this? No, I have a cheap version I picked up at a local hardware store.  The simple tool I have works okay, but for my ottoman, which I’m just recovering not, painting or refinishing it’s not working as well as I needed it to.

I had assmebled my tools.  I’ve even got proof.  See.

Removing the double welting went fine, but when I got to the fabric, I realized I was marring up the surface of the wood and denting the raised trim near the staples.  Not good.

2.  Know what you’re in for.

Once I decided I better stop before I make a mess of finish, I removed the black backing of the ottoman to take a look at the construction underneath.   This is where I totally freaked out. If I hadn’t decided to stop before, I was certainly stopped in my tracks when I uncovered this.

Nice looking construction, right?  Yes, unless you want to recover it!

I was expecting to find a piece of wood with holes in it, in which the tuffting thread would go through.  Instead I found webbing which is blocking every spot where the tufting is tied!! And to make matters worse, the little wooden triangle corners are totally covering the corner tufts.

So, now I have an ottoman with the upholestry messed up enough that something has to be done and a very complicated task ahead.

Which leads me to…

3. Don’t freak out.

When I pulled back the covering, I panicked.  And then I shared my panic with my husband. Not good. He has total faith in my projects, but I think he was worried I’d messed up our very expensive ottoman.

After I gathered my composure and gave it some thought, I realized that the webbing can be moved around to get to the knots and the triangular piece of wood could be cut off if necessary and then replaced once the job was done.

Where there is a will, there is a way! Sometimes it just takes a little while to find your way. 🙂

I ordered the proper tool and I’m anxiously awaiting it’s arrival.  Hopefully, it will live up to my expectations.  I promise I’ll share my thoughts. 😉

I cut my losses and I piddled around with finishing up a milk paint project I worked on last weekend. I’ll post on that later in the week. 

Wishing you a productive, happy week!

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  • Debbie @ MeandMyDIY
    March 16, 2013 at 12:35 pm

    Oh my goodness Leslie, what a quality piece of furniture you have there! Yikes! But I know you&#39;ll get it figured out and wow us with your transformation. It&#39;s nice to see I&#39;m not the only one who jumps in feet first! ;)<br /><br />Debbie


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