Under all this snow…

Sorry I’ve been gone a while. We’ve had two significant snow falls in the last two weeks, about 15-18 inches total and as I sit here typing this afternoon, it is snowing again!

The children were out of school for a total of 4 days.  Two this week and two last. Both times the neighborhood we live in seem to be the very last one in town to get plowed!  I even posted on my Facebook page this photo with the caption, “A Happy Sight.”

I must admit this southern girl loves the snow. I think it’s so beautiful, a special gift and I don’t really tire of it.  There are two things, however, I do not like about the snow.  Picking snowballs out of doggie paws…every …single… time.. he …goes outside and not being able to go for a run.  There’s no room on the streets and the trail is a mess and the whole thing is slightly dangerous in my opinion.

With each storm, we’ve trudged through the snow to one of our neighbor’s house for cards and cookies!  Such fun! Thank goodness we burn a few calories walking there and back in the knee deep snow.  But it certainly doesn’t promote productivity and hence the reason I’ve been absent. We are just glad that we’ve been keeping up on our air conditioning and heating unit maintenance with,

The kids have done some sledding and this last storm the snow was very sticky, perfect for snow man building and snow balls.  Or in the case of Emily and her friend, they started their morning decorating the yard around the snowman.

And then moved onto a much more ambitious project in the afternoon….

  an igloo. 🙂 Industrious and creative girls they are!!  They used gallon sized ice cream buckets.

Miles did some sledding after the first snow fall at the big hill in the front of the neighborhood.  I didn’t go with him so no photos. ;(

And poor Tucker, who loves the snow just as much as anyone, couldn’t get anyone to play with him.  I indulged him with a good game of snowball fetch. Here is all ready to go!

And yes, I did put a coat on that big golden doodle!  It was snowing and I wanted to limit the snow and  wetness I was going to have to deal with when we came inside. 😉

After a few minutes of catch and lots of eaten snow we moved on to retrieve.  Which if you’ve ever played with a snowball, is very, very difficult.  See for your self. 🙂

In between all of this snow I have done some spring decorating, wishful thinking truly, piddled with some projects, and though I haven’t completed any of them, my studio is a complete disaster.  For me, that’s proof of work.

I did finish my last scrapbook layout for GCD Studios and another page layout to display at my local Jo-Ann’s.  I’ll be teaching Paper Crafting there this spring. 😉

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  • Debbie @ MeandMyDIY
    March 3, 2013 at 10:09 pm

    Okay, I'm laughing right now. My two dogs started barking when they heard Tucker barking in the video. And I never thought about how hard it would be to find a snowball in all that snow….so funny! He was a good sport about it though, as dogs usually are. The girls look like they were having fun. The snow was PERFECT for snowman building, and we have one over here too. But I have to disagree


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