“Wickedly” wonderful weekend

This weekend was our big excursion to Kansas City to see “Wicked”.  The show was phenomenal!!  Emily and I went with friends and we had an absolutely perfect day.  Honestly, it was one of those days where you know you are blessed, because everything just was so perfect.

We drove into town and had lunch at a pub near the theater. So close to the theater we just walked from the restaurant. We got a chance to visit with the crew that gathered for the day, all 12 of us women and children and one grandma.!  🙂

The story of “Wicked” was even better than I had hoped. I loved every detail and the music, the costumes…just so gorgeous.  Every detail was just so fabulous!

After the show we had dinner at my new favorite place in KC.  Buca di Peppo.  Oh my!!  So fun and really great food.  We enjoyed it so much that I already made reservations for the next time we will be in Kansas City in a couple weeks.  (I was happy to finally get a good photo of me and my friend Nancy.)

After dinner, we had a little time left for shopping in the Country Club Plaza.  We all split up to hit different stores.
Emily and I headed straight to Anthropologie. Man, we could just live in that store. I love everything in there. It smells so good, everything is so pretty and soft. And this particular location has the best displays. Would you look at this?  Isn’t this just so amazing?  You can’t really tell from the photo but the feathers are book pages!!

Sunday was spent relaxing and letting my foot recover from all the walking in my heeled boots. (I should have worn more sensible shoes, but vanity prevented me and I paid for it!!)

Today was Christmas card day. Got them finished and mailed today!! Yippee!

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