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How to build a Modern Windowsill Planter

Today, I am excited to bring you a spring DIY idea to help you jump start your growing season!

Windowsill planter

I’m always antsy to get my hands dirty and get into the garden at the first sign of green leaves. I also know spring has officially arrived when the vegetables and herbs hit my local Home Depot.

I was visiting my friend who recently completed her kitchen remodel. I am so proud of her! She mentioned she was looking for a planter box for her windowsill. I thoughtI would build her one because it would be the perfect spring project to share with you all!


She has the perfect windowsill in her remodeled kitchen!



Once we got the planter and pots in place and cleaned up a little, we enjoyed a wonderful soup she prepared. Want to see more of this kitchen? Check out the post here.)

The actual building time is very short on this project, but let’s just say you’ll have plenty of time to work on your spring cleaning after the assembly and during wood glue drying times.

windowsill planter-0759


windowsill planter-0977

How to Build a Windowsill Planter Stand

Materials Needed

4-5  3/4 square dowels

Wood Glue

Small Brad Nails 1 1/4″, a Brad Nailer is recommended

2-4 Right Angle Clamps

Saw or Miter Saw

Wood Filler

3 Terra Cotta Pots, 6″

Stain or paint of choice


1. Gather your materials and cut square dowels to the dimensions below.

windowsill planter-6666

2 Top Horizontal: 21.5″

2 Bottom Horizontal: 20″

6 Vertical Rungs: 6.25″

4 Support Legs: 4.5″

2.  Using the 90 degree clamp, align the  xx side to the long xxx side. Be sure to add wood glue before you clamp.

windowsill planter-6670

3. Using a brad nailer, nail the two pieces of wood together. Be sure that the bottom of the clamp is flush with the edge of the wood and the two pieces align perfectly.

windowsill planter-6675

windowsill planter-6678

4. The frame is too small for both corners to be clamped at the same time.  Space the rungs evenly at 6.25 inches apart to support the lips of the pots.

windowsill planter-6684

To save drying time, use the second set of clamps attach the rungs to the second long side piece as shown below, using wood glue and a nail in each rung.

windowsill planter-6679

5. Once those are dry, attach and clamp the other set of corners. When they are glued and nailed it will look like this.

windowsill planter-6668

windowsill planter-6689

6. To add the legs, rotate the clamps so that the leg and the long rungs are in the clamps.

windowsill planter-6693

Glue and nail each piece and be sure to keep all pieces flush and tight.

windowsill planter-6701

It should look like this.

windowsill planter-6702

It’s a good idea, in order to keep everything square, to add the bottom rungs in-between the legs. They are not glued at this point, just being used as place holders.

windowsill planter-6704

7. Once those are dry, attach the long sided bottom runners to the legs.

windowsill planter-6717

Again, wait for this to dry completely.

windowsill planter-6718

8. Now you are ready to prepare the finish. Take a moment to test your planter.  Pat yourself on the back for a job well done!

windowsill planter-6732

9. Fill holes and seams with wood filler.

windowsill planter-6730

10. Sand all seams, nail holes and glue off of the planter.

windowsill planter-6729

11. If you plan to stain the planter, I would recommend applying Minwax Pre-Stain Wood Conditioner before the stain.

windowsill planter-6748

12. After the wood conditioner has set up about 15 minutes, apply the stain. I used Varathane, Weathered Grey.

windowsill planter-6751

13. Apply a top coat of your choice to protect and seal the wood. I used Varathane Polyurethane in Matte finish. It is one of my favorites because of the flat finish.

windowsill planter-6761

Now you are ready to pot up your plants. Don’t forget to cover the holes with rocks or the like. I used scraps of tile.

windowsill planter-6762

My friend wanted to grow herbs to spice up her cooking in the new kitchen!

windowsill planter-6763

They should do very well in her sunny window.

windowsill planter-0760

When it is time to water her plants she can set the stand over the sink to allow the water to drain, or just set the saucers underneath the pots.

windowsill planter-0981

Happy Spring and happy planting! Want to see more of Mary’s beautiful kitchen? Click here.