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Recycled Stone Patio & Outdoor Oasis

After months of mentioning the stone patio in various social media posts  I am happy to finally share the details and the story behind what makes this stone patio area so special.

When we bought this house, #theTrailHouseReno, there was an area without grass that we theorize was once the location of a swingset/playground. Because we have no need for a playground, creating another outdoor destination in this wooded area of the yard was extremely appealing.

During the massive renovation of the front of our house, we had the guys use a bobcat to level the area and then small gravel was delivered to cover the muddy pit.

The first step in the remodel of the front facade included removing a massive amount of stone from a 2-story arch and a partial wall along the front of the house. As we removed the stone, to replace it and the Dryvit cladding with brick, we created a pile of stone next to the newly leveled area. You can read more about the Dryvit removal process here.

So many other renovations were going on on the inside of the house that the backyard sat like this for almost a year. We lovingly called it the stone graveyard. But we knew that one day, this recycled stone would be used to build a beautiful patio.

This April, we finally began that process. The first step was to try and sort the stone so that we could get a sense of what we had to work with.

Then with the help of some strong guys, we began to dry-fit together these completely dissimilar sized stones into a cohesive unit. After most of the stones were laid out, the project stalled and we eventually hired a new crew to come and finish the project.

After our recycled stone patio was complete, the next step was to have several yards of dirt hauled in to level out the planting beds around the patio to complement the existing elevations of the yard.

And then came the thrilling part of bringing in all of the plants! My inspiration was a cross between a formal blooming southern garden and a tropical oasis. I was blessed to get to partner with Southern Living Plants who helped me bring my lush shade garden to life. I share all about the plantings and the design in this blog post. 

And now, three months later, we are well on our way to creating a lush oasis in the back of our yard.

I received product from Leisure Made ( in exchange for my honest review. This post contains affiliate links for your convenience.

The soul intention for this space was create a retreat, a place to relax and enjoy the shade of the backyard.

The outdoor sectional by Leisure Made creates the perfect landing spot for just that purpose.

We recently had a dinner party where guests retreated to the backyard, in spite of the humidity and heat, and we easily had 7 ladies on the sectional.

The set comes with two matching tables that can either be pushed together as a rectangular coffee table or used as side tables as I chose to do here.

The cushions are covered in durable fabric and are very comfortable, just as you would imagine. They do need to be brought inside during rain, but that’s just one of the trade-offs with an area exposed to weather.

To round out the seating I added this modern styled wing back chair set from Target. Find similar here. I love how the tones of brown and beige found in both the chairs and sectional created the serene environment I was hoping for.

They are as comfortable as they are stylish.

You can see in the photo below why I wanted to create an oasis that blended into the environment. We are fortunate that this area is almost completely shaded by noon every day

The patio is set back at least 40 feet from the house, so I didn’t want any jarring colors to distract from the wooded area.

Unfortunately, e haven’t been able to get the previous wiring for electricity to work out there. My dream is to have the entire area draped with welcoming lights. Can’t you see it?

We have enjoyed a few marshmallow roasts at the fire pit already, but this turn towards cooler temps has definitely got me craving a full on s’more party!

What I love best about this fire pit is the smokeless feature! Similar version here. It has always been a downer to me after a sitting outside around a fire pit, to come inside and be knocked over by the smell of smoke. Yuck! Add to that the safety benefits. When the flame is out, the fire is out. No worries over starting a fire in our trees. (And you may be wondering where the tank is? The cord runs under the sectional and the tank is behind it.)

When the pit is not in use I just set a tray on top of the pit for easy entertaining.

If you’ve been around for a while, then you know Tucker is an expert at finding the coziest places to sit while I photograph a space! Can’t argue with him on this one!

Be sure to check back for more on the garden surrounding the patio! And if you missed our Screen Porch & Outdoor Living Room Makeover I invite you to check that out too! Click here.

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I received product from Leisure Made ( in exchange for my honest review. This post contains affiliate links for your convenience.







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    September 8, 2017 at 6:14 am

    Absolutely love it , I am in the process of doing that my self . I can’t wait to see the finished project. Thank you for sharing.

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