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Outdoor Furniture Covers Save my Sanity

There’s no denying we love the patio retreat we created in our backyard last year. Having a space tucked up under the shade of the trees is cooler, offers a quaint escape and is just beautiful in every way.  The idea of it all seemed like perfection, until I realized the insanity of keeping all of this furniture spotless.  I knew outdoor furniture covers were the answer, but I just kept putting it off.  So, when Classic Accessories asked if I would like to partner with them to share my experience with their products I said, “Absolutely!”

This post was sponsored by Classic Accessories. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Because let’s face it, while this looks perfectly picturesque, there was a lot of behind the scenes cleaning and set-up to get it to look like this!  Every leaf, stick and  all manner of debris fall straight out of the trees and onto this patio and the furniture. Think about all those birds chirping happily up there!

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You may recall this patio was a new addition to our backyard last year as well as the furniture for it which we got from Leasure Made. The stones were recycled material from the front of our house. You can read more about that here.

What I am most excited about this year is how much the surrounding garden has grown.

Here is a shot from last September. The Encore azaleas have bloomed once already this year and I expect they will bloom again this fall as well.

To protect the cushions and pillows from the weather and the trees, this is what the patio had to look like everyday.

Which also meant this is what the area under our screen porch looked like!

Of course, the cushions were safe from water there, but I wouldn’t classify them as particularly clean. It also does not allow this space to feel put together with piles of cushions stacked up everywhere.

The new covers from Classic Accessories are the perfect solution for making more time to enjoy what we have built. Gone are the days of hauling dozens of cushions back and forth across the yard to get to this state.

Watch how quick and easy they go on and come off!

And don’t even let me start talking to me about the pollen.  This spring the pollen was the worst it has been in a long time and once it finally cleared out, I spent days upon days cleaning everything! It was crazy!

Next spring, I’ll just hose off these durable, yet lightweight covers and enjoy the welcomed spring air!

Classic Accessories has an extremely wide selection of covers that are sure to fit your furniture perfectly.  Our sectional is actually comprised of three separate pieces.  It worked best to use two covers, sliding two of the smaller pieces together.  As you might have seen from the video, I even nested the side tables on top of the smallest piece of the sectional and placed the cover on top. This helped fill out the space where an arm of a sofa would be.

Did you catch that every cushion and pillow is tucked neatly under the cover! While I will find a proper place to store the cushions during the winter months, this is solution for the cushions is perfect for the seasons in which we want to use the patio often. The covers will continue to perform their duty of protecting the furniture all winter instead of taking up valuable storage space somewhere else. One of the extra features I love about these covers is the corded closure that will securely keep my furniture covered throughout the winter. (I have left those cords a little loose for now for extra ventilation.)

The exact cover style I chose is from the Montlake FadeSafe™ series. They are a premium quality cover with a waterproof backing. They feature a cord closure and easy closure straps for wind proofing. (When we lived in Missouri this feature would have been an absolutely necessity!)

For reference, here are the exact pieces that fit my furniture best. Each photo is also a link to the actual products. 



Classic Accessories creates patio furniture covers, as well as other accessories that help preserve and protect the items that help people enjoy the outdoors.  Specifically in their furniture covers, they offer several different color options that blend well with surrounding outdoor settings.  I chose the Montlake because I  the grey-brown fabric blended nicely with our stone patio.  They also have a new line of replacement furniture cushions. I’m keeping this fact in my mind for later because reasonably priced ones are hard to find!

Want to know more about the furniture and how we built this patio?
This blog post, Recycled Stone Patio & Outdoor Oasis has all the details!

Thanks to Classic Accessories for providing an easy way to enjoy my patio without losing my sanity!

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