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Power shades: a stunning, innovative solution for your home

The last issue to be ironed out in our master bathroom was a proper window covering. We hung these beautiful sheers on a stylish acrylic rod and I loved the look.

Unfortunately, we found that most of the time the sheers were closed, hiding the rod and the view to the backyard. We were in a constant struggle over the curtains because my husband’s desire for privacy seemed to trump my wish to see our (soon to be) beautiful backyard. Let’s face it, no one wants to climb into a tub to open and close curtains every day.

We spent a great deal of money and endured significant hassle to change the window over the tub during our remodel to get this view and I certainly didn’t want to hide the stylish acrylic rod by keeping the curtains closed all the time.

Disclaimer: I received product from Rainbow Paint and Decorating in exchange for my honest opinions and review. All photos, designs and videos are my own.

To solve our dilemma, I enlisted the help of our local Hunter Douglas distributor, Rainbow Paint and Decorating. After a brief chat on the phone, the window treatment specialist came to my home with a wide range of samples that fit the parameters I outlined.

I was extremely excited to see she had exactly the color and texture I had hoped for. I wanted a shade with light filtering privacy in a nice, neutral gray that complimented the wall color in our bathroom. I also wanted a fabric material with texture.

But the most important feature was motorization – the ability to raise and lower the shade without having to climb in and out of the tub!

We placed our order and were ready for installation a few weeks later. Jason, the master installer, installed the shade and set up the PowerView system with all of the necessary wifi compatibilities to operate the shade from a control panel and our cell phone!

Y’all, I’m not kidding. This is the best innovation I’ve experienced in a long time!

Not only can we control the shade with a touch of a button at the hub, we can operate the shade remotely with our cell phone. The hub also allows you to raise and lower the shade without power or wifi and can control a whole house full of windows.

It wasn’t until recently that we took advantage of the scheduled automation features. (It was so easy to set up, I’m not sure why I was waiting!)

As you can see, the shade rises on its own at 8 a.m., lowers to half way at 1 p.m. and closes at sunset! Crazy, right? If you were so inclined, you could operate your whole house this way!

And because a moving picture is always better, check out this little video.

I couldn’t be more happy with the entire process of ordering, the installation and the of course, the amazing end product!

If you are in the Birmingham area, you definitely need to check out Rainbow Paint and Decorating! Not only are they the largest distributor of Hunter Douglas window coverings in Alabama, they are my new go-to source for all things paint!

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Disclaimer: I received product in exchange for my honest opinions and written review. All photos, designs and videos are my own. I only work with companies who I feel benefit my readers.

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